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The central focus of home economics education is the well-being of families and individuals in everyday activities. It focuses on those areas of life which constitutes to the everyday activity of the families and individuals and develops knowledge and skill which students can apply to human and material complexities of living in diverse and changing settings.

A broad education in a professional knowledge area is combined with foundation courses in the natural and social sciences, communications and the humanities to develop a well-rounded academic experience.



"Gradually through [industrial arts in the middle and upper elementary grades] those values are brought out which are important in relationship to health, economy, taste in living, and which should be instrumental in making for greater efficiency in social cooperation"

    This program will help you develop the skills you need to analyze and implement business and company objectives in any organization. As you work toward your degree, you will focus on the areas of economics, accounting, and critical thinking as well as aspects of law that can influence the workplace.






Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines
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