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THEME: STEP Skills: Moving Up from Underground (School and Backyard) to Mainstream Economy

     Academics is not the be-all and end-all of education. With this competition, recognize that pure classroom instruction cannot fully satisfy the growing need to provide pupils and students with opportunities for practical learning and proper channeling of potential and interest. Because we believe in the importance of exposing and preparing young people to face the realities of life, we implement various programs and projects, all of which, hopefully, will help pupils and students become more well-rounded individuals and citizen of our country. The Educational Programs such as the STEP that serves to support, enhance and enrich the work education and skills training,  particularly the students. It aims to establish a shift from the employment creation culture by nurturing the entrepreneurial and cooperative environment, skills and competencies of the students. It is being implemented in partnership with the Department of Education and entered as one of commitment in the employment summit.

     Like the phoenix rising from the ashes and an eaglet struggling to free itself from its hell and learning how to fly, the organization of the Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines, otherwise known as the STEP , is a product of a collective desire to establish an organization that the then Department of Education, can truly call its own ‑ free to propagate its own rootstocks of ideals and aspirations, weave its own net of programs, design its own web page of projects, present its own power point agenda, and set its own table of rules and regulations.

     The STEP as a co-curricular program of the DepEd, is hereby recognized as a significant support initiative for the TLE component of the MAKABAYAN, whose function is to enhance and competent the learning competencies of life skills training and career enhancement program and character, and improving technical and functional skills in Home Economics, Agricultural Arts, Industrial Arts and Entrepreneurship and Computer Education.

     The Department of Education has integrated a course on ICT to help students who poised to embark on business ventures. Under the Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) skills development program, students are taught the knowledge and skills to create websites which can be used in marketing products and services, among others.

     Student Technologist and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) Skills Development Program which are being contested upon the skills in:


 1. Pattern Drafting and Ladies Long Pants Construction

 2. Creative Hairstyle and Make-up

 3. Table Setting

 4. Cocktail Mixing

 5. French Style Sardines-Making (Bangus)

 6. Pumpkin Pie-Making

 7. Birthday Cake Decorating


1. Asexual Area

 2. Dish Gardening

 3. Project Proposal in Animal Production

 4. Bangus Deboning


 1. Residential Wiring Installation

 2. Construction and Upholstering a Stool

 3. Preparation of a House Plan

 4. Mural Painting

 5. AM Radio Assembly

 6 . Photographic Printing Screen Preparation and T-shirt Printing

 7. Flower Pot Stand

 8. Starter Motor Assembly

 9. Masonry Work

 10. Plumbing


 1. Presentation

 2. Spreadsheet

 3. Homepage Development

 4. Newsletter for a Livelihood Publication Using Desktop Publishing

 5. ICT - Assisted Project Proposal


     STEP gives opportunity to the financially challenged students to develop their skills in the areas of agricultural technology, home economics, industrial arts and entrepreneurship and information and communications technology based on the premise that most of the high school graduates, especially in the rural areas, are unable to continue their college education.


Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines
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